Saturday, July 08, 2006

Handheld acceleration in Missouri!

Presented by Mark Yehle and Stacey Franks
Session info online HERE
Session title: "How have Missouri students accelerated learning using handheld computer?"
SuccessLink website: Role of Successlink is to find best practice and resources for dissemination to educators.

moblogging ... for the last time at NECC06 (?) ;-(

Video "Allison's Day"
  • Using generic application for tasks, hw checking etc
  • Beaming library loans to handheld!
  • Listening to audio book: beamed from the librarian
  • Writing project report using attached keyboard
How does the handheld computer compared to a desktop computer?
Historical overview: conclusion handhelds are powerful, have illuminated screens and can do most things possible on a desktop. BUT, make sure you choose the right tool for the task.
Web browsing?? Not so good with handhelds, but FlingIt is useful in terms of caching websites for use on the devices.

Warrensburg Project, MO Project (not sure if I have the correct link for this): is being evaluated and research will be made available to the public

Handheld Learning Environment
is available for Palm OS and Pocket PC from GoKnow

PDA Participatory Simulations from MIT are freely available for school use

Look for other free software available for Palm OS....sift through the garbage, look for something that will make the students think

Demonstration of PAAM: Palm Archive and Application Manager by GoKnow

Acceleration of Learning:
  • Reading eBooks
  • ling division
  • Write more
  • Shepard Blvd Elementary, Columbia MO
Thanks to Mark and Stacey for going over applications and issues that we are using and have been through with our handheld initiative at International School Dhaka (a brief review of our program can be found HERE)

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Anonymous said...

Wow Julie I really appreciate your blogs about the NECC conference - very complete - I feel like I went to the sessions myself - Thank You!
I teach at an elementary school in Nevada with a VERY diverse population - I have had several students from Bangladesh over the years - one student I had for 3 years and when he was in 6th grade he visited Bangadesh for 6 weeks and sent us a postcard everyday as a type of journal of his trip - way cool!
Thanks again!
Learning Is Messy!