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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flat Classroom™ Presents at the Global Education Conference

Co-founders of the Flat Classroom™ Project, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, are excited to share the following presentations that will be offered by Flat Classroom educators at the forthcoming Global Education Conference, to be held totally online in Elluminate, November 15-19, 2010.
This event is unique in concept and implementation and is cutting edge in many aspects, including running 24/7 over 5 days and including presentations from all over the globe.

Co-chaired by Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray, with Julie Lindsay as the chair for the Educator Advisory Board, the conference is a collaborative and world-wide community effort to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting education activities and initiatives.   
All details can be found on the website: Make sure you fully explore the Sessions and the Schedule (available in ALL time zones).

How to experience the Global Education Conference
There are numerous sessions that can be viewed in your time zone by selecting from the schedule.
In addition there are opportunities to get involved as a Mentor or to find someone to mentor with you to help develop better global experiences for you and your students.
If you have time and experience with Elluminate we also invite you to get involved as a Moderator.

Most importantly however we need an audience for sessions that people have put time and effort into preparing. So, spread the word! Encourage your colleagues and students to listen in and interact with as many sessions as they can during the week.
Press releases, flyers, graphics and badges are available.  Please post these where appropriate.

Flat Classroom™ Presentations and Partners
Note: Sessions below are listed in GMT timezone. For YOUR timezone refer to the Schedule

Keynote by Vicki Davis, Westwood Schools, USA
Flatten Your Classroom: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time
Time: Thursday November 18, 11pm
Global collaboration can seem daunting to many.  Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, co founders of the Flat Classroom projects (including Flat Classroom, Digiteen, NetGenEd, and Eracism projects) have created a series of steps for connecting and flattening the classroom on a global basis providing a simple progression for teachers and schools to globalize their work.  Join Vicki for a lively conversation about the steps to globalize and share your own experience in the backchannel.

Julie Lindsay (China) and Anne Mirtschin (Australia)
Flat Classroom Project Student Summit: The Asian Connection
Time: Tuesday November 16, 4am
Description: Students past and present involved in completing the Flat Classroom Project present via the virtual classroom their ideas and thoughts about living and learning in a flat world. Specific reference also made to learning objectives and outcomes of the Flat Classroom Project and how these experiences have enhanced cultural understanding and global awareness amongst participants.

Kevin Crouch (India)
Flat Classroom ‘A Week in the Life’
Time: Tuesday November 16, 10am
Grade 3 students at the American School of Bombay participated in the Flat Classroom Elementary School pilot project ‘A Week in the life’. The project involved the students learning and bringing together several new skills including social networking on Edmodo, wiki writing and multimedia.

Anne Mirtschin (Australia)
Global Education is not an option
Time: Tuesday November 16, 10am
Global Education is not an Option Comments/Notes: Global education is not an option – it is a necessity! Why is global education of paramount importance in today’s classrooms? How can we help students come to terms with globalisation? In this session, Anne will share answers to these questions including pedagogy that supports globalisation in education.

Julie Lindsay and Madeleine Brookes (both in China)
Inside ITGS: Cyber-Students Share their Connected Learning
Time: Thursday November 18, 12pm
Description: Inside ITGS is a collaboration that started between two schools in China. The aim of Inside ITGS is to join students together in a flattened virtual learning environment thereby providing enhanced opportunities for cultural awareness and global collaboration as well as explore and evaluate IT tools and systems in an authentic and social context. Join Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society students from Beijing (BISS) International School and Western Academy Beijing as they present and discuss about what it means to be a connected and collaborative online learner with the ‘Inside ITGS’ community. Topics covered include best tools to support online learning, global digital citizenship perspectives, and challenges to connected learning in a global sense.

Honor Mooorman (USA)
21st Century Literacy and Global Competence Flourish in the Flat Classroom™ Project
Time: Friday November 19, 1am
This presentation will translate theory into practice by demonstrating how the Flat Classroom™ Project helps students develop 21st century literacies and global competencies. Student presenters will facilitate a guided tour of their digital footprints to showcase the knowledge and skills they gained by participating in the project. This student work will bring to life three key frameworks: the National Council of Teachers of English Definition of 21st Century Literacies, the Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning’s description of global competence, and the Flat Classroom™ Project seven steps pedagogy. Participants will learn about effective teaching strategies and tools for helping students communicate, collaborate, and co-create with international peers.

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Outside My Window: November 7, 2010 - Autumn

The wind is blowing hard today. We love days like this in Beijing as it blows away the pollution and freshens the air. Today it is also blowing the Autumn leaves to the ground.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Global Education Conference - Be a Participant!

In just over one week the Global Education Conference will commence (November 15-19). We have OVER 400 presentations, including Keynotes

We now need PUBLICITY and an AUDIENCE and VOLUNTEERS to help moderate and mentor and make this event even more remarkable than it already is. So keep talking to your schools, organisations, partners, colleagues and promote and encourage participation.  We need you!

We are also in need of volunteers to moderate sessions. If you are comfortable using Elluminate, please sign up here ( to sit in on as many sessions as you can handle. This is an all hands on deck moment for us and we need your help!

I will be hosting a 'How to be an effective Moderator' pre-conference session in Elluminate on Tuesday November 9, midday GMT. Interested and confirmed moderators are welcome to join in then, the session will also be recorded for future use.

Please visit the Global Education Wiki at if you want to contribute to the wiki or participate in the Global Education Mentor program, either to help or be helped by another educator doing global connecting projects. More information is here:

Further Updates and Reminders
The conference will take place in a video conferencing tool called Elluminate. Presenters share web links and slides while participants listen to an audio feed and chat in the accompanying chatroom. All sessions will be recorded and archived, so if you miss a session you'll be able to view it at your leisure. We'll also have an open Global Education Lounge in which participants can drop by to network with others or to receive help.

Here are a couple of things you can do in preparation for this event:
  1. Review the conference schedule according to your time zone and add your selections to your Google Calendar. (No need to register for any sessions, by the way... just show
    up online. URLS will be provided as we get closer to the start date.)
  2. Download our conference guide with basic links to Elluminate Support, time zone converters, and other useful web sites.
  3. Join our Flickr group and upload a picture of yourself as an introduction to other conference attendees.
  4. Join the conference group here in the Global Education Collaborative to discuss the conference with others.
  5. Run the self-test for Elluminate and familiarize yourself a bit with the platform.
Please publicize the conference!
Finally, we need you to spread the word about this event as far and as wide as possible. Please forward this information on to colleagues,and post to Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow the conference proceedings in Twitter using the hashtag #globaled10. We're on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Press releases, flyers, graphics and badges are available at Please post these where appropriate.

Julie Lindsay
Global Education Conference
Educator Advisory Board Chair