Friday, August 11, 2006

Podcast Bangladesh at NECC06

I am finally back in Dhaka with a regular and reliable Internet connection after our holiday and with time to reflect on NECC before moving into the new academic year with creative vigour!

My presentation at NECC in San Diego this year, Podcast Bangladesh, was plea
singly successful and I was delighted to meet a variety of people at the conclusion of the session who showed their appreciation of the podcasting pegagogical approach we have taken here at International School Dhaka. A full outline of the Podcast Bangladesh presentation can be found on the Podcasting and All That Jazz Wiki. Thanks to Sharon Peters who reviewed the session and wrote an article for eSchool News online.

Here are some photos taken inside and outs
ide Room 27 A/B where Podcast Bangladesh was held.

Oh, and here is a picture of me putting the final touches to the 'Nicholas the Great!' blog posting moblogged at the keynote address by Nicholas Negroponte.

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