Books, Papers, Articles and multimedia artefacts created by Julie Lindsay in chronological order. 
(created December 2017.....under construction)

Lindsay, J. (2019, March). The global collaborator mindset. National Future Schools Conference, Melbourne. Spotlight speaker. Post-conference recording 

Lindsay, J. (2017, November). Global collaboration - Learning on the edge. Learn2Talk presented at Learning2 Asia, Shanghai, China. Retrieved from

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Lindsay, J. (2017, November). Global Collaboration - Learning on the Edge. Learn2Talk presented at Learning2 Asia, Shanghai, China. Retrieved from

Lindsay, J. (2017). Connecting beyond the classroom - Move from local to global learning modes. Scan 36(2), pp. 27-38.  Retrieved from,-2017/connecting-beyond-the-classroom-move-from-local-to-global-learning-modes2

Lindsay, J. (2016). Commentary: We Are a Global Community: What if We Collaborated? Learninglandscapes, 10(1), 37-46.

Lindsay, J. (2016, October 31). Global narratives - Collaboration on the edge. Video Trilogy Keynote, K12 Online Conference 2016. Retrieved from
Lindsay, J. (2016). The global educator: Leveraging technology for collaborative learning & teaching. Eugene, Oregon/Arlington, VA: International Society for Technology in Education.
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Lindsay, J. (2016). What if we collaborated? Keynote, Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) Conference 2016. Retrieved from

Lindsay, J., & Davis, V. (2012). Flattening classrooms, engaging minds: Move to global collaboration one step at a time. New York: Allyn and Bacon.

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