The Global Educator Case Studies

The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching’

Written and edited by Julie Lindsay, and published by the International Society for Technology in Education in 2016, this book is for global educators and global education leaders who want to know how to take learning global.

Where to purchase The Global Educator

  • The paper book from ISTE - Full text and descriptions of Case Studies
  • The eBook (ePub) from ISTE - Full text and complete text of 36 Case Studies and audio files of case study educators
  • The paper book in Australia and New Zealand from Hawker Brownlow

The Case Studies

Over 36 weeks all Case Studies from the book will be blogged and shared. This includes downloadable PDF files of each study, audio files where available, and updated material from the featured educator where applicable. 

The Case Studies are a unique collection from a period of time in online global collaboration, specifically the first 20 years of access to telecommunciations, online leanrig and connective and collaborative technologies in schools and universities. Some are self-written by the featured person(s), some are based on interviews Julie did, and some are compilations of ideas from groups who have come together for the purpose of building stronger networks, understandings and practices around online global collaboration in education.

Please share these as a collection through the link to this page, or individually via links shared below. The 'label' for all blog posts to read in succession is 'theglobaleducator'.

When sharing via Twitter, use the hashtag #theglobaleducator


36 Case Studies  

(hyperlinks to posts added once the study has been blogged)

Part 1: Global Educator Case Studies

1.1 The World is my Classroom - Anne Mirtschin
1.3 Leading the Global Classroom Project - Michael Graffin 
1.4 Taking Teacher Education Global - Janice Newlin
1.5 Early years Students go Global - Karen Lirenman 
1.6 Being an International Educator - Lizzie Hudson
1.7 Write our World - Julie Carey

Part 2: Global Education Leader Case Studies

2.2 Mahmud Shihab: Leadership to Connect
2.4 Cameron Paterson: Leading a School to be Global
2.5 Ann S. Michaelsen: Teacher, Global Collaborator
2.6 Eva Brown: Teacher Education Goes Global
2.7 Michael Furdyk: Social Entrepreneur, Global Educator, Technology Gur
2.9 Matt Harris: A Cosmopolitan Life

Part 3: Online Global Collaboration Case Studies

3.1 Mali Bickley: Good collaboration is good teaching 
3.2 FCGP Amy, Sheri, Perla, Ann, Cindy, Roger, Brian, Andrew
3.3 Early years collaboration - Leah, Devon
3.4 Leadership for successful online global collaboration
3.5 One million lights, Tracey
3.6 Global STEM Learners, Janice Mak 
3.7 Global Read Aloud, Pernille Ripp
3.8 The Travelling Rhinos Project, Karen
3.9 The Working World
3.10 FCGE Kate, Katrina, Louisa, Dianne, Katie, Bonnie 

Part 4: Take Learning Global Case Studies

4.1 The Global Education Conference - Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon
4.2 The ‘Learning2’ Conference - Social and Global Learning
4.3 THINK Global School - Learning to be global while living globally
4.5 Our Global Friendships 
4.8 VIF International Education and VIF Learning Center
4.9 The Centre for Global Education
4.10 Global STEM Education Center 

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