Thursday, July 06, 2006

Podcast Jazz Wiki: Invitation to Contribute

I was very pleased to meet many interested podcasters at my Podcast Bangladesh presentation this morning. For those who are reading this blog now who may have missed the presentation I am listing the relevant resources here again.

Also, I am extending an invitation to all educators to contribute to the podcast wiki I have created. This not only houses the NECC06 presentation (including resources and videos that you may wish to download) but acts as a portal for collating podcasting resources. Please login using the password podcastjazz if you would like to contribute your podcast blog, a podcasting resource or make a comment on the Podcast Pedagogy page as to best practice resources.

Podcast Bangladesh Blog
Podcasting and All That Jazz Wiki
Podcasting and All That Jazz Blog
Digital Storytelling Blog
HitchHikr (c/o David Warlick)

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