Saturday, July 08, 2006

Digitales with Bernajean Porter

Bernajean has a large audience for her showcase on the Art of Digital Storytelling

Main messages: Where is the Lesson Learned? is it shown in the story?
Get away from text-based communciation....

Digital Storytelling is not a type of is a mode. You cannot assess a digital product unless you know what type of communication it is.
E.G documentary, short story, personal expression
Refer to scoring guide on
See book also

Story prompts:
  • Act as if e.g. immigrant, an animal under threat
  • Point of view e.g. A dogs tale
  • Describe and conclude
  • Telling a defining moment when teaching kids
  • etc
Digitales Camps: Knowing from within
Challenge to teachers to come and tell their own stories from in the classrooms, in the schools.

OK, I would love to go to Digitales camp.....Bernajean, please come to Bangladesh or to the South Asia region and run a workshop!

I would like to share the work of my own students (again, becasue I am really proud of their initial efforts, My influence with them is based on sessions I have attended with Bernajean at previous NECCs and from reading her website and book) from International School Dhaka in the past year. You can download some of their digital stories and listen to some podcasts (audio reflections/discussions) about the digitales process at Digital Storytelling

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