Friday, July 07, 2006

Podcasting with Chris Walsh

Building Your Media Empire: Podcasting to improve communication and training in education communities
Chris Walsh from WestEd
Session Handouts

Opportunity to use podcasting beyond the classroom

RSS: makes content distribution possible, XML "feeds"
"The Long Tail": Something for everyone (as long as one person is listening)
Blogs play an important role: text entries, published periodically
Podcasts: audio/video episodes published periodically

Why now? Ease of distribution, ease of production, more bandwidth, better mobile devices

Digital Life: time-shifting, listen or watch anytime
Podcasting = place-shifting, listen or watch anywhere

Digital School: learning, everywhere and all the time

Podcasting: Building your own media empire

Explore (stuff out there, see handout for educational podcasts)
Chris plays examples:
  • Students, teachers speaking podcasts delivering school information and interviewing key school personnel. One student playing an original song and singing (guitar)
  • Memphis City Schools podcast #8: Formative assessment interview. Radio style with music intro. (Teacher PD)
  • Digital Alien podcast #4: The world is flat (Ed Tech issues) also radio style
  • Radio WillowWeb: excellent example of podcast by kids for kids
  • Berkeley on iTunesU podcasts online from many courses: e.g. History 5, every lecture available online from the lecturer
What makes podcasting important
Getting your message and individual voice/message out there: What do you have to say and who is your audience??

Creating an instant podcast - one of the early companies building tools to help you make podcasts
Recommends this microphone: Samson USB microphone
Chris does a very efficient live podcast demo using Odeo with the audience

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