Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shanghai Morning

I'm in Shanghai! It has been 23 years since my last visit (yes!), and here I am again. Arrived yesterday afternoon courtesy of Qatar airlines, very nice direct flight from Doha. Picked up by Simon May from SAS (thank you Simon!), dropped at the Forte Hotel (I love my room with a view) and then picked up by Brendan, teacher at the conference school just down the road (SCIS?) and wonderful friend from ISD in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Out to dinner with Brendan and Izummi (not sure of spelling), had a great time reminiscing our old life in Dhaka and sharing stories about our new lives in China and Qatar. This is what internationalism is all about!

The quick pics so far of us last night and the view from my hotel window....meanwhile I am off to breakfast!

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Anonymous said...

i bet you hardly recognize the place after 23!

Unknown said...

VCA Examen

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

Oh, you're just going to have a great time! I can't believe you met Simon! It is so cool to meet people we've worked with after so long on a project!

I hope you can get one or two Pacific Rim for Flat Classroom and/or digiteen - we're working hard on our side of the flat world and a little twinge jealous!

Have fun and knock 'em dead. You know I think you're the best presenter in edtech, but then I'm biased!

Anonymous said...
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