Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Invitation to 'Kick it Up a Notch'

K12 Online is approaching in October and Vicki and I are talking about 'kicking it up a notch'. In the spirit of "Web 2.0 Smackdown" from NECC , we want to give YOU the chance to speak out about change. So, if you wish to participate, please do the following by September 23, 2008 to be included.

Here is the easy task:
  1. What is your favorite Web 2.0 tool for kicking your classroom up a notch?
  2. We need you to create 1 still photo with the word displayed somewhere in the screen. (one per person may be submitted.)
  3. Upload this to Flickr or Flat Classroom Ning - It must be tagged: kick_up_notch_2008
  4. Put name and location in the description of the photo as you want it credited.
  5. It must be licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial or of lesser restriction.
OK, have fun and share your ideas! We look forward to receiving them. Don't forget also the K12 Online Conference is just around the corner in October!

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