Friday, September 05, 2008

Across My Desk: September 5, 2008

Part of the frustration of leading a busy life is not being able to fully explore and analyse everything that comes across my desk. I am sure many of you are the same? At the same time I want to be sharing and contributing as part of the blogosphere.

Today, being the first day of our weekend here in Qatar, I have decided to write a weekly blog post mentioning the best ideas and resources that have come 'across my desk' with the aim of sharing and circulating these further around the world. So here goes......

Simply Books
Judy O'Connell, 'Hey Jude', is the head librarian at St Joseph's College in Sydney, amongst other wonderful things she does in the online world. This week they launched 'Simply Books'.
The website tells us: "Our focus is to promote reading and good literature, as well as providing links and information about quality approaches to boys reading education! By sharing our passion for books and reading, it is our mission to transform boys into lifelong readers."
The site is linked to a Simply Books student blog and a Simply Books wiki. There is evidence of student authorship and interaction and a focus on community involvement. Congratulations Judy, a great resource for your school and for us as well.

Young Minds, Digital Times
Young Minds is an inaugural film competition open to all students from Grade 6-12. There are rules and prizes and opportunities for budding film makers. This is one I am going to take a closer look at for our students here at Qatar Academy.

Wikispaces: Stay tuned for announcement next week
Adam Frey from Wikispaces sent me the heads up on a forthcoming announcement for educators. The 100,000 free K-12 wiki offer is about to exceed 100,000 so Adam and team have come up with something new...I am sure it will be good! Watch the wikispaces blog on Monday for this release!

Learning 2.008 in Shanghai
I will be taking off to Shanghai in about 10 days (not if I don't get my presentations finished!). So looking forward to this! The conference Ning is starting to be active, and there is a Beta version of the conference schedule available. Like many of the presenters, including Kim Cofino and Clay Burrell, not to mention David Warlick, Clarence Fisher and many more, I will be drawing on the virtual community and inviting you to be part of the conversation during presentations and unconference events. So, watch this space, follow me on Twitter, and get ready to be involved, even if you are not there!
Here is the conference trailer.

New ISTE Community Ning

ISTE released their new community Ning this week. Great resource once again for all educational technology educators to come on board and share and stay in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, how really really nice of you to mention our Simply Books initiative in your first weekly roundup. It's exciting, and we sure do hope that it continues to grow. I am also really looking forward to your 'finds' as you are right - there is so much around, that it takes a few good leaders like yourself to make sure we don't miss ideas and opportunities. Wonderful :-)