Monday, January 21, 2008

Edublogosphere Survey: What do you think?

Here is a chance to do some reflection and reaching out. Take the Edublogosphere Survey 2008 created by Dr Scott McLeod. Inspired by Vicki Davis and her shared answers I went in to try for myself.

Here are some answers I came up with

What is the most difficult thing I find about blogging?
  • Lack of time to read, Finding fresh content, Lack of time to write
These all add up a general confusion and feeling of inadequacy that I am not out there enough reading and commenting and finding new bloggers.

Technorati authority as of this post: 65, with a Rank of 112, 625 (I agree with Vicki, after a quiet Xmas this has gone down from over 100! But then again.....get a life right? ;-). However, I do have visitors from what this is now 140 different, distinct countries...that's amazing? right?

OK, my favourite post on my blog: A Day in the Life of a Global Connected Educator.

Favourite educational blog: David Warlick (my first and fav of all time of course...but there are so many others!!!)

Working with the Willing: Moving teachers into the 21st century is my favourite recent blog post by Kim Cofino at Always Learning

A blog that deserves a bigger audience: Intrepid Teacher by Jabiz Raisdana, a new colleague here in Doha, teaching at the American School of Doha...we are yet to meet f2f!

Anything else I want to share about being an educational blogger:
It's a fantastic way to interact with like-minded educators and to learn more about the world...but it is not for the feint-hearted ;-) as it can become an obsession........

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Intrepidflame said...

Thanks for the shout out.I really enjoyed your post about the Frontline piece and will comment more in depth soon.

I am having a hard time commenting on Bloger with open ID...any ideas. I will just use my personal Blogger account for now.

This is Intrepidteacher. Duh?