Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Changing Shape of Conferences: EduCon 2.0

There has been a real shift in what an educational conference is, who it is for and who can participate. The EduCon 2.0 event at the Science Leadership Academy is on now. Many educators are physically there in Philadelphia, but many, like myself here in Qatar, are watching from afar. In fact, not only watching but actively participating, interacting and sharing ideas!

View the complete program and pre-conference discussions

This evening in Qatar I was skyped into a conference session by George Mayo as he explored global collaboration in its different guises around the world. I was able to watch and hear George and his room full of attendees via UStream TV, while chatting via the chat available with UStream while also sending Twitter messages to the Twit Notes Twitter account set up by George beforehand. I was also able to talk to the audience and take questions on global collaboration and my experiences with the Flat Classroom Project.

I was however just one of a lineup of guests George had organised for his presentation, including Clarence Fisher (see pic to right). The Skype calls and conversation were seamless and George was adept at directing the live audience as well as the virtual audience along a path of exploration. You must also check out the Twitter project George completed this week called @manyvoices. Read also Andy Carvin's writeup about this on PBS

It is already 10pm here now...but I see by the conference agenda there are some really good speakers and topics I want to watch on UStream in the next session! Such a pity tomorrow is a working day for us here and I have a 5am start!

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1 comment:

Dogtrax said...

This was my first experience with Ustream and it really is quite amazing, isn't it? The fact that you can jump into a room and see the action is pretty cool.
Someday, I suppose, it will be more integrated into the live experience - I still felt like a fly on the wall and not a participant.