Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Year and a Blog Overhaul

Happy New Year from Qatar to all readers!

You will have noticed some changes in the name and look of this blog. Finally, on the first day of 2008 I have spent time giving this blog a little face-lift and added some new features. For a start, the URL will remain the same but I have tried to smarten up the name. So 'E-Learning Journeys' it is for this year. Secondly, I have added a new header image, taken on my recent trip to Madrid, leaving Spain at sunrise. Despite the slightly cloudy image (from the plane window) I love the idea that this blog is a journey into my own learning and interactions with many other like-minded learners around the world. As the new year starts, a new sunrise heralds new explorations and exciting adventures yet to be had.

I have also added a better Twitter update widget, joined Google reader and added my shared items to the blog and added the 'show yourself' widget.

So, welcome to E-Learning Journeys! I do hope you take this journey with me in 2008. Hang on for the ride!

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