Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feeling a little hammered lately?

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KwHobbes recently asked 'What are you doing?' and "...what 5 tools do you think would be the best to use with teachers so that they don’t think we’re hammering nails into that coffee table." Along with a Calvin and Hobbes comic analogy to think about I was mentioned in the blog post and asked to contribute. So here goes.......

My FIVE online tools that I think are best for teachers to use because they are easy, useful, can promote student-centred learning and are more fun to use/work with than hammering nails.

1. Wikispaces - a wiki-centric classroom for curriculum delivery, student discussion and collaboration

2. Ning - educational networking at its best (and now advertisement free!)

3. Animoto - easy 30 sec (or more) animated videos that are great to embed into blog posts or feed into start-up pages

4. Twitter - professional networking in micro form...the best new thing since sliced bread! Also useful in the classroom....just starting to explore possibilities here

5. Slideshare - the best for storing slideshows online and embedding code

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Anonymous said...

hey julie!

i'm becky from animoto.

thanks so much for writing us up. it's funny you mention us in the same breath as ning, as we just created an animoto ning.

i literally started it hours ago, but created an educator's group in hopes of hearing how Animoto is being used in the classroom, and more importantly, how we could gear our service more to educators. if you are so inclined, we'd love to hear your 2 cents.

take care,