Sunday, May 13, 2007

Take 5: Horizon Project Student Summit

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Take Five classrooms from Five different continents and Five culturally diverse countries. Then add Five teachers and a project that has encouraged interaction and collaboration. Five years is what the Horizon Report, the basis of this global research and discovery we call the Horizon Project, said it would take for the six trends to be adopted.

Five days this week and we will all learn from the students and what they have found out about their trend. In fact take ONE more day and all content, including the personal videos created by each student, should be on the wiki!

For the Student Summit students are asked to prepare answers for:
  1. What is the most significant trend for your topic?
  2. What is the best resource you found for this project?
  3. What is your prediction in this trend/area of impact that you think is most likely to happen?
Just to remind you the six trends are:
  1. User created content
  2. Social networking
  3. Mobile phones
  4. Virtual worlds
  5. New scholarship and emerging forms of publication
  6. Massively multiplayer educational gaming
The student summit sessions will be run in Elluminate, one of our corporate sponsors. There are six distinct summit sessions throughout the week, at various time zones. The Horizon Project has been established as an asynchronous learning environment for participants to share ideas and resources and to create content (wiki and multimedia artefact) based on their trend. The challenge this week is to turn this around and provide opportunities for synchronous communication. The aim of the summit is to give all student participants in the project a chance to present and all other participants a chance to listen to the student presenters and to ask questions and discuss their vision for the future based on what they have found out.

This is a daunting task for the students as not only are they coping with the technology of online conferencing, for the first time many of them, but they will have an international audience listening and interacting with them. Well at least we have planned it that way! Given that the summit is being run in all time zones we will not be able to have ALL classes in together but hope that students will be able to login from home at night when their partners on the other side of the world are in class. This concept of time is giving all members of this project a heightened sense of what it means to live in a world where when you are awake, a large percentage of the rest of the world are asleep!

For a full outline of the summit see our airset calendar embedded in the wiki page.

But, we do need an audience! We do have Five x 10 = 50 seats to fill in Elluminate, so please email me or Vicki Davis if you wish to join us and we can send the URL to login to the Horizon Project on Elluminate. Why not Take 5 and join the Horizon Project Student Summit this week!

Wish us luck!

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