Sunday, May 06, 2007

94=Iceland, 95=Suriname

Here is some interesting news! Well, it is to me anyway. The diversity of people reading my blog continues to amaze me. This week, watching the NeoCounter I have embedded in the side bar, country number 94 popped in as Iceland. Then this evening, country number 95 turns out to be Suriname. Wow! I was going to wait until I had people from 100 different countries to blog about it.....but I can't wait. Besides I may not make it to 100, who knows?

Welcome Iceland! Welcome Suriname! If it is YOU reading this blog please post a comment and introduce yourself I would love to hear from you. Why are you reading my blog? How did you find it? Are you involved in educational technology? Are you a teacher?

Wikipedia tells me that
Suriname is the "...smallest sovereign state in terms of area and population in South America." The former name I remember it by is Dutch Guiana. It gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1975.

Iceland is a country of North Western Europe and is very volcanic and geologically active. It's capitol city is Reykjavik. According to the GDP per capita list Iceland is the 4th wealthiest country in the world (oh, and Qatar where I will be working next year is the third wealthiest!). Is is also apparently one of the worlds most technologically advanced countries having one of the highest broadband Internet connections per capita.

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