Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Elluminating from Dhaka to Burwood

It was an exciting impromptu event this morning when John Turner, teacher at Presbyterian Ladies College and Horizon Project participant and I (here in Dhaka) realised we were going to have students in our classes at the same time (in real-time) so we decided to start experimenting with Elluminate! We are so lucky with this project as the Elluminate owners have sponsored the project for a few weeks of private use of this "Live eLearning solution and collaboration solution software."

Three days ago Vicki and I had our first session (play!) in Elluminate and learned a lot about how to use the fabulous facility for our Student Summit we are planning for the Horizon Project next week. Vicki wrote an extensive and informative blog post about this including the joy of finding calendar flexibility with

Elluminate allows participants to share audio, video, online and on-desktop resources, chat, use a whiteboard facility..and much more! The sessions can be recorded as well!

Today it took a while for me to be able to login and open the java software (bandwidth issues) and once in all of the facilities were not available (such as viewing web pages) however John and I managed to communicate very effectively and post text and pictures on the whiteboard as well as open PPT. My Horizon students thought this was fairly cool stuff and are looking forward to playing with it some more after I send them the invitation URL to login! However, they know that next week during the Summit they will be expected to present some of their research work and multimedia they have worked so hard on over the past few weeks.

Some pictures from our Elluminate session today.

Horizon Project Elluminate session 3

Horizon Project Elluminate session 1

Horizon Project Elluminate session 2

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Durff said...

How exciting!!

Kristin Hokanson said...

Did you know you can get an elluminate Vclass. It allows for 3 simultaneous seats--GREAT for practice. If you are interested in more info--let me know, I'd be glad to practice:)

Zârck. said...

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Thanks from Spain.