Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'Shift Happens' and the world is a better place

As you probably already know, the winner of the Slideshare 'World's Best Presentation Contest' last week was Jeff Brenman who created a stylization of a slideshow originally created by Karl Fisch, examining globalization and America’s future in the 21st century.

Today, Slideshare have awarded Karl Fisch with a special prize for the 'Most Impact'.
In their words from the
Slideshare blog:

"Shift Happens has been viewed over 2 million times. For a presentation that was created by a school teacher for a faculty meeting, thats extraordinary impact. We at SlideShare would like to recognize Karl for creating this brilliant slideshow and sharing it in such a generous manner. As part of the World’s Best Presentation Contest, we are awarding him a special prize for “Most Impact”. It does not matter that the presentation was never entered into the contest (though I do hope that Karl will put it on SlideShare at some point :-) ). Our goal in organizing the contest was to recognize great slideshows. And Karl’s definitely fits the bill."

Karl has graciously asked for the prize, an iPod nano to be auctioned and the proceeds to go to the One laptop per child foundation. E-Bay will handel the auction, here is the link.

Here is the winning slideshow, 'Shift Happens' from J Brenman.

Here is Karl's slideshow, 'Shift Does Happen' in support of the OLPC iPod auction.

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