Sunday, November 12, 2006

Web 2.0 in Theory and Practice

Today in Dhaka we have been told not to go to work (school) as there is political trouble and there will most likely be blood in the streets before the day finishes.
Despite the stress associated with the climate (it's OK, we live in the diplomatic area and out of the way of the real disturbances) I welcome this extra respite to continue to explore and evaluate Web 2.0 tools that I can use in my classroom. Luckily the Internet is still running!

I have just created a new account with Podomatic called Julie's Flat Classroom and have uploaded one podcast so far called ELGG in the Grade 11 ITGS Classroom. This recording is a little rough as we literally had a round table discussion about our uses of ELGG and I asked the students for their frank opinions. We did this podcast a while ago and I have been trying to upload it to my usual online place for audio, but keep getting an error message....not sure why. Podomatic will allow me to upload/podcast up to 500MB of material for free with 15GB of bandwidth available. In the past hour I have also had 2 requests to be added as friends and there are numerous opportunities and tools on Podomatic for collaboration and interaction and sharing! I am amazed how good this is. It will also allow you to record an instant podcast online (all you need is a microphone).
Here is an embedded version of the Flat Classroom podcasts including a cut-off live message and the ELGG podcast:

Click here to get your own player.

It's difficult to tell sometines if it is our connection here in Bangladesh or other problems that caused the live recording to be cut off.

Another new tool/toy I discovered recently (thanks to TechnoSpud) is YackPack. This is designed to make it easy to record, play and share audio messages. I have been using Vaestro and added a request to my k12 Online Conference presentation for participants to leave me a message on my E-Learning Channel. YackPack seems to provide a more sophisticated interface but from here in Dhaka the connection is a little slow...will keep experimenting and report back on this later.

Also, just to remind you that provides a mapping facility that can be linked to or embedded on your website/blog. See the menu tools at the side of this blog to find my Friends of E-Learning Map or click HERE to open a new page. Please add your pin to my map as well!

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