Wednesday, November 01, 2006

K12 Wiki Winners!

Vicki Davis has announced the K12 Wiki Team Assignment Winners. I am excited to find out that our (Reuven Werber and myself) Citizen Journalism wiki page has come equal third place!! All the details about the wiki workshop can be found on the K12 wiki.

This 'competition' evolved from the presentation Vicki gave last week for the K12 Online Conference called 'Wiki Collaboration Across the Curriculum'. About 18 hours ago the event culminated in a skypecast with discussions by judges and participants. Unfortunately I was not able to make the skypecast as the time zone here in Dhaka was not good but I look forward to hearing the recording later this week.

Here is a
must listen to podcast Reuven recorded last night that was played during the skypecast. In this podcast he discusses the logistics of our wiki page development and reflects on the experience of long distance collaboration using this Web 2.0 tool.

The experience of participating in this fun project has helped to
crystallize my own thoughts and actions to do with the use of wikis in education. The wiki interface allows for easy collaboration. It also allows for a user-friendly interface to display material. The challenge for all users (students of all ages) is to find creative ways to present literacy tools and to show legitimate research, evaluation and synthesis skills. I feel inspired to continue developing my own classroom use of wikis and am thinking of ways to foster further international collaborations. As Reuven says, the wiki technology is 'the ultimate flattener' for interaction and best practice online socialisation as well as digital literacy skill development.

I encourage you to explore the K12 wiki, in particular view the other 'winners':
Thanks to Vicki for this initiative through which we have all learned more about Web 2.0 tools and made new friends in doing so. Thanks Reuven for being my team member!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win --

it was a great wiki!!

Thanks for being a part.
Jennifer W