Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tutorial for Podcasting using Evoca

I have spent some time this weekend exploring and comparing online 'podcasting' facilities in preparation for a forthcoming project (more about that later!). I was looking for something that can do direct online recording from a microphone and can also allow you to upload prepared audio files.
The two that I finally compared are Podomatic and Evoca. I talked about Podomatic in a previous post this month. It has a great feature that allows you set up your own web page (type of blog). It does cater for direct and uploaded audio input however it lost points with the inability to embed individual posts. The 'badge' or embedding feature on podomatic, from what I can find, looks great but it includes all posts (see link above to previous post again). Evoca has the advantage of allowing individual posts to be embedded into blogs and wwebsites. It also has a 'group' feature that allows you to set up a group for combining posts, like a community blog. Also, it allows you to send a recording straight to your blog, see previous post, however, once in I cannot work out how to add any comment or anything else to this individual posting. Evoca allows phone call audio recording as well, a feature I probably will not use here in Bangladesh as even the online direct recording is a hit and miss affair sometimes.

In summary, I really like podomatic for the great web page you can develop and the sharing, searching and finding podcasts online. However I really like Evoca for the more refined embedding facility, groups and other more sophisticated recording and sharing features, and they also give you your own page!

Here is a screencast I prepared to show you how to use Evoca for peronal use or in the classroom. I hope this is useful. My students will be joining Evoca this week and trialling this as a classroom tool for communication and storing and sharing audio files. I will let you know of any problems as they arise.

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andrewodom said...

We posted about you on our blog:

I would love to have a copy of the video to put it on our blog and to give you as much traffic as possible on your site. Thank you for the effort and keep on with Evoca and eLearning. We hope to continue to empower your voice and the voice of your students!

blog-efl said...

Julie, thankyou for an excellent screencast on Evoca - I hope you don't mind me using it on our Open Web Publishing TESOL EVO session wiki: