Thursday, August 23, 2007

EduBlogger World Virtual Meetup Notes

[I have come back to this post to edit it to add more information and links to the other virtual meetup session on August 23]

I was delighted to find a variety of educators join together this morning (5am my time in Doha) for the first EduBlogger Virtual meetup. We shared images and ideas and URLs. The opportunity to meet in real time really helps to create a bond between us all. Thank you all for participating!

Thank you in particular to Jason Hando (Sydney), Jim Gates, Diane Hammond, Chris Lehmann, Joyce Valenza (USA), Sue Waters, and Annelieske (Perth) for sharing their ideas and strategies with Web 2.0.

The main points of discussion focussed on what each individual was doing in their own sphere of education with Web 2.0 tools. There was some discussion about how EduBlogger World could help connect like-minded members. Jason raised an interesting point that he thought EduBlogger World was a little narrow to cater for the emerging needs of Web 2.0 savvy teachers. Like over 2000 others around the world, Classroom 2.0 Ning is also providing a place for educators to meet, discuss and learn. EduBlogger World Ning and wiki have been created to attract members and provide a worthwhile place to congregate for educators interested in the communicative powers of online tools, blogging in particular. I believe there is a distinction between the Nings and that EBW provides a cutting edge international environment for promoting best practice. Check the Talking Points for EduBlogger World on the wiki.

In my confusion I forgot to record the Elluminate session (!) but here are the screen shots from the whiteboards.

Also, I wish to direct you to Darren Draper's post for 'Window to the EduBlogger World'. I love his picture of the mountains in Utah, such a stark contrast to my desert environment here in Qatar. Also Diane Hammond's post, with the wonderful view out into her garden and beyond.

The other EduBlogger World virtual meetup was hosted by Vicki Davis. Listen to the recording here. Read Vicki's comprehensive blog post summarising the EduBlogger World facilities and invitations to join in.

Also, read the talking points for discussion that have now emerged from these virtual meetups.

Don't forget if you are sharing a blog today for the Window to the EduBlogger World event tag it with edubloggerworldmeetup2007. Also, review and join in the discussion for tagging standards.

I look forward to reading all of your posts as they
feed through the EduBlogger World wiki.

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Anonymous said...

By all accounts, a terrific event, and I'm sorry to have missed it! Hopefully I will be able to make the next edublogger event... :)

Darren Draper said...

Great work, Julie! It was a lot of fun getting to know a few more people that are interested in the same kinds things that I am.


Anonymous said...

Hi julie

Thanks for posting these Whiteboard images on your blog. I am always forgetting to press the record button. Glad that others are finding about the network through our posts.


Anonymous said...
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