Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Invitation to 'Window to the EduBlogger World'

On August 23 we invite EdubBloggers globally to participate in 'Window to the EduBlogger World'. This is the first organised, participatory meetuped eminating from the new social network called EduBlogger World. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing with blogging in education and as an educator here is what we invite you to do to be part of this event:
  • Contribute your own blog post on this day and tag it edubloggerworldmeetup2007. Check out all of the tagging standards on the EduBlogger World Wiki. In this post share your experiences with blogging. Where do you blog? How often do you blog? What do you blog about? Why is blogging so important to you?
  • Share a photo of your own blogging area (looking out of a window, your room, your classroom). We want to collect images of EduBloggers around the world and where they blog and/or what they are looking at when they blog. Put this in your blog post and put it on and post it to the Ning.
  • Participate in a synchronous event (virtual meetup) on August 23 and meet other EduBloggers online.
  • Sign up to be a Global Greeter: We are inviting members from all locations to step forward and be a Global Greeter. See the wiki page for more details about this. How many countries can we add on August 23?

Also, participate in a live meetup on this day. There will be online events where we invite you to participate in dicussions focusing on how we can best use EduBlogger World to further communication and interaction amongst members. More details coming VERY soon about times for August 23 live events.

Meanwhile, view the introductory video created just last week about EduBlogger World.

I look forward to being part of this 'Window to the EduBlogger World' event next week from my new home in Qatar!

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