Sunday, March 18, 2007

YouTube hosts Flat Classroom Project Review Video

I really love using YouTube. I have used before and also Google video quite a lot but I find YouTube to have better facilities for social networking and sharing videos.

This weekend I created a new video to review and reflect on our Flat Classroom Project from last year. I have spent a bit of time on this but am still not completely happy with it. The challenge to keep it under 10 minutes in length (to upload to YouTube) meant I left out certain aspects of the project but for viewers I understand that maybe shorter is better as you will not have the same emotive approach as I do. However it was extremely therapeutic to go through the material from the project again and to reflect even further on what we did and how we can improve on it. I have included video and audio from both classrooms and teachers and focused on the students (of course).

Here it is, the Flat Classroom Project 2006 Review and Reflection
by Julie Lindsay, March 2007

YouTube has this great facility called 'Channels'. Each logged in user can create their own channel. If you view my channel you will see my profile, the videos I have uploaded, the video I subscribe to, my favourites and the people who subscribe to my channel. If you like what you see maybe you will subscribe to my channel so that you can be notified (when logging into YouTube) when I have uploaded new videos. Recently I created a presentation on Cyberbullying and discovered Parry Aftab's great video resources on YouTube. I subscribed to her channel and since then have easily located all the new uploads.

YouTube is becoming a vital resource and I find myself referring to it more and more each week. The other day at the graduation committee meeting we were discussing guest speakers and who to invite. Our head of secondary had his laptop on the WLAN so searched YouTube to find interesting examples of graduation speeches that had been uploaded!


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Durff said...

Outstanding work!! I wish my kids would such good work!