Friday, March 09, 2007

Another Speedtest meme!

It's not that I am obsessed with speed or the lack thereof......I just happened to click on StumbleUpon and this popped up:
So, I chose a server in Thailand, the closest to Dhaka, and here is the result. Compared to a previous test the download speed today is a lot faster (216 cf 74) however the upload is a little slower (41 cf 68). Overall the speed just isn't what it should be....or what I think I am paying for!

However, the accompanying statistics that come with this data are interesting.
  • This is the first speed test taken with InfoTech, my ISP
  • My connection is faster than 3% of other connections around the world (!!)
  • The Bangladesh average is 274 kb/s
  • The Asian average is 2316 kb/s
  • The global average is 3414 kb/s
The speed test site provides HTML codes for embedding and linking information directly into blogs and websites. This is fun. What a great tool for a school project!

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