Sunday, January 14, 2007

Meet Justin Medved from ISB


While in Bangkok recently I visited Technology and Learning Coordinator for the International School Bangkok (ISB), Justin Medved, at school. He spent some time showing us around the fabulous campus and discussing his ideas for improving education using technology.

Justin is a young, confident and enthusiastic teacher. Originally from Canada he is out discovering the joys of expat life and international teaching for the second time, his first experience out of Canada was in Egypt. ISB is a large and well resourced campus. Justin proudly showed us the initiatives in the library, classrooms and computer labs to do with how the technology is being placed, accessed and used on a daily basis. He outlined his vision for a school where all curriculum areas are thinking about the learning and using available digital tools to support this.


Justin is currently searching for a library/literacy/tech person to support the Elementary school and to complement his work in this area. It has to be somebody who understands how to collaborate as a team with other teachers and to share enthusiasm about Web2.0 and digital literacy.

Listen to the podcast with Justin recorded live standing outside the Design Technology room right next to a water feature (yes, you can hear running water in the background).

Quotable quotes from Justin:
"Viral enthusiasm when everyone gets the same tool and they are all learning to solve problems...if I can find my high flyers and early adopters and really teach them well.....I see my job as making myself redundent...if noone needs me any more I have done my job"

"Who's teaching the 21st century literacy skills...that's everyone's job!"


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Preya said...

I attended ISB (it used to be where NIST now is, on Sukhumvit soi 15) when I was very young; Bangkok is a cool city:) I hear the new campus is awesome:)

Anonymous said...


It was great to have you

Congratulations on the new post!