Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Edublog Awards 2006 Thank you


A big thank you to the Edublog Award organisers (especially Josie Fraser) and to all of the viewers of the Flat Classroom Project. A special thank you to Vicki Davis [my fellow workaholic ;-)] and to all of our students in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Camilla, Georgia who have been wonderful throughout and delightfully intrigued by the international recognition our project has received.

On the
Edublogs Award page you will find a list of the winners in the other categories. I also recommend you read Graham's post about winners and non-winners at Teaching Generation Z. The award show can be heard via podcast from the EdTech Talk website.

What really inpresses me about these awards is the international representation and the recognition of best practice blogging and use of online spaces from a global perspective. Congratulations to all winners and nominees!

You will find this on the Edublog page, but in case you are wondering what the Flat Classroom Project is all about:

The world is indeed flat as are our classrooms. We truly believe that we taught lifetime lessons within a short two and a half week project. Our students entered the projects as kids and are now using terms like “professional” and “collaborative” to talk about who they are. Working through the project requirements has made them more aware of the meaning of connectivity and learning and has highlighted the sense of responsibility that we all have to be collaborators on the path to knowledge. This sort of project indeed serves as a landmark and a notice to all teachers that they can now connect with other teachers via their blogs to find curriculular commonalities and create collaborative learning environments that can be meaningful and fair to their students. This is truly the greatest project that each of us have participated in and we look forward to doing more together and with other classrooms around the world. Thank you for recognizing us and the amazing students who have truly created the content on this amazing wiki. Thank you for this recognition!

Written by Vicki Davis & Julie Lindsay

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Anonymous said...

Wow--I've always wondered what it would be like to live in Dhaka. I am half north Indian but grew up speaking Bengali. Is the International School of Dhaka larger than the American school?

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