Saturday, December 02, 2006

BBC 'Click', Bangladesh, ELGG and Social Networking

Some excitement for my students this week! On the BBC 'Click' flagship technology TV programme Chris DeWolfe, the MySpace CEO is interviewed. As part of the 24 minute episode young people from around the world were invited to send in video clips of themselves talking about the use of social networking software. My student, Atif, took on this challenge and produced a 1.30 video describing his use of ELGG. He sent this to the BBC producers and was chosen as one of the handful of students to be featured on the episode. Well done Atif!!

We are very proud of Atif's recording. He speaks clearly and succinctly about the use of ELGG and how it helps to connect him with the rest of the world. Other people talk about different social networking sites and the main focus of course is on the use of MySpace. Chris DeWolfe gives a fairly impartial review of the development of MySpace and focuses on positive aspects.

To see the full 24 minute Click episode click HERE and scroll to the end of the text and select 'Watch the full interview'. This will open a new window with an embedded Real Player window. Atif is featured in the first 5 minutes.

In the short section that is viewed on 'Click' Atif discusses how ELGG links him with his immediate school community and the rest of the world. In Bangladesh with some of the political turmoil students sometimes find it difficult to physically get to school as the streets are not considered safe. Social networking software is playing an increasing role in joining alienated individuals, extending the walls of the classroom and enhancing educational experiences. This is all good and I not only encourage it with my students but build it into our everyday classes.

As an aside to this storyAtif had some problems uploading the final video to the BBC by the deadline. Last weekend Atif Skyped me and asked if he go into school to use the Internet as his was too slow at home and he needed to upload his video by a certain time. Luckily we have a wireless network (encrypted for security) so all Atif had to do was get his driver to park outside the school gate while he used his laptop and the WLAN, there was no need to even get me to come over and open up the building! If I can persuade Atif share and upload his full video to Google I will hyperlink it here.

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