Friday, December 15, 2006

Flat Classroom Conversations: Part 2

Gr11_1 Gr11_2

Bangladesh ITGS Class: Without Walls
Continuing our conversations about the Flat Classroom Project and our 2 week collaboration with Vicki Davis' class in Camilla Georgia.

The project was completed on Tuesday December 12. The student wiki pages were locked down that day and now a team of international judges are reviewing each page and selecting winners for the handful of awards we have nominated. This is a bit of fun for us all. As I see it all of the students are 'winners' and any final recognition for a job well done will be icing on the cake for them.

Part 4: Flat Classroom Topic Discussion
Individual students talk frankly about their Flat Classroom Project topics. These were based on the ten flatteners discussed in Thomas Friedman's book, 'The World is Flat'.
(9 min 51 sec)
  • Naimul (aka Sourov) shares his candid thoughts about the Internet being 'a bad place' and how it can alienate users rather than unite them
  • Virtual communication: what are the best ways to do this?
  • How Google is taking over the world

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