Sunday, December 10, 2006

Flat Classroom Best Wiki Nomination Thank you

A sincere thank you to those who nominated our Flat Classroom Project in the Edublog Awards for Best Wiki 2006. We are very excited and honoured to have been included!

Also nominated were APWH Wiki, Classroom Google Earth, David Warlick’s CoLearners Wiki, Schome and Support Blogging. What an inspiring collection of innovative educators. I encourage you to explore these wikis as they offer cutting edge solutions to connectivity, collaboration and best practice use of online learning.

Click HERE to vote for your favourite wiki. You have until Midnight GMT Saturday 16 December 2006 to vote.

But that's not all! The news gets even better. Vicki Davis, my colleague on the Flat Classroom project, has also been nominated for Best Teacher Blog with her Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Also, one of our esteemed Flat Classroom Project 06 judges, Darren Kuropatwa has been nominated for Best Teacher Blog with his A Difference blog. Congratulations to you both!
To vote for Vicki or Darren click HERE
Also, Happy Blog-Birthday Vicki! What a great way to celebrate.

I am so proud to be working with international educators such as Vicki and Darren and others who have been nominated for EduBlog Awards. These educators are truly amazing, hard working, conscientious and have a profound love of teaching and improving education systems.

What also inspires me is the collectivism of edubloggers. One for all and all for one, to coin a phrase. A day does not go past (wait a minute, an hour does not go past) when I do not learn something from someone in the blogosphere. To be truthful I can't afford to open my aggregator while at school.....I can get seriously sidetracked ;-)

Thanks also goes to Josie Fraser for her work on the EduBlog Awards for the second year in a row.

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