Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Friends of E-Learning Blog

Recently I blogged about the use of ClustrMaps and how I know where the readers of eLearning blog are, but would love to know who they are. Thank you to those who responded.....it was exciting hearing from you and reading your wonderful and supportive comments. Here is a summary of my new 'Friends of eLearning blog'

  • Thomas Ryberg from the northern part of Denmark has an eLearning Lab conference website about social software and Web2.0 and said: "...I very much enjoy your blog and have recommended it to students here as well in relation to a course on learning, social software, web 2.0"
  • Kelly Bauer, a 4th grade teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico has a great cyberclassroom! and also uses clustrmaps. I can see tonight you now have your first non-US clustr on the map showing where I am in Dhaka, Bangladesh! Kelly said: "Blogs like yours are what have inspired me to finally start blogging myself and my students put out a podcast. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog!"
  • Diane P from 'the usually wet Northwest' is a 7th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher. I can see from your student blog you are from Oregon, USA. Your students are developing an interesting discussion on China via the blog this week!
  • Pete Whitfield is from Manchester in the UK and teaches music at a further education college to students of age 19+. (Pete, I am also a music teacher and have taught secondary-tertiary level....jazz is my speciality...in recent years I play rather than teach it). Pete's blog is called eLearning for Music Pete said, "I'm mad about learning technologies; my college is rolling out Moodle and I'm a big fan. The college would go nuts if I used a blog to manage my classes as the garden is very firmly walled at our place! ....I enjoy your blog; the writing is persuasive and engaging. Mine is currently a series of notes and comments!" Pete, don't underestimate yourself, I enjoyed reading about your daily struggles and passion for music technology, keep on blogging!
  • Quintus Joubert is Director of Business Development for a multimedia eLearning company (Cyber Media Creations) and has a newly created eLearning blog focused on computers for corporate training. Quintus said "Good job on a creative and entertaining blog, keep up the good work!"
  • Rachel, from Taranaki in New Zealand also left a comment. She has a colourful, upbeat and informative education blog called Bard Wired. Thanks for sharing Rachel!
  • and a late entrant...just in time for the edit to this post...'Em', a special education teacher, technology coordinator, and professional development specialist in Connecticut, USA said " Have only been reading your blog for a short while cause I just recently discovered it. And I'm glad I did." Thanks Em.
Thanks again to all of you for shouting out and identifying yourselves and for your kind and encouraging words. It is great to hear from you and to see what you are doing in your part of the world with blogging and eLearnng.

I have another request to all readers of this blog: Please join my Frappr map. Put a pin in the 'Friends of E-Learning Blog' map so that we can continue to share and be identified as a community of educational bloggers.

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