Monday, October 02, 2006

Get Ready for the K12 Online Conference!

A brief update about the K12 Online Conference.
The list of proposals from countries is US centric however there are inclusions from Australia, UK, China, Canada and of course Bangladesh ;-).

A PDF flyer can be downloaded HERE to help spread the word in your own immediate or global community about the conference.

Also check out the conference timeline and K12 Online Conference Blog.

Also, collect all of what is being blogged and images that are being uploaded to at for this conference.

Don't forget the dates for the online conference are:
October 23-27 and October 30-November 3

Being in a muslim country the first week coincides with end of Ramadan celebrations called EID and our mid-term holiday. Therefore most of our teachers at International School Dhaka will be out of the country travelling. I will probably be in Nepal for the first half of week 1, hoping to pick up a good Internet connection at the 'Yak and Yetti' hotel!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, try to join the conference and participate, interact, collaborate and be part of this online event. Try not to be passive about it as the ideal is to be a contributing participant as well as an observer.

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