Thursday, January 16, 2020

2020...2030 Vision for online global collaboration

It's a new year, it's 2020! 

In 2008 I wrote this blog post 'My 2020 Vision for Global Collaboration', and looking back now things like the lack of sustainable tools that leave a digital legacy (e.g. the loss of Wikispaces in the past 2 years meant the disappearance of much online global collaborative work that could have been used for further research), and the ongoing 'locking' of tools that allow cross-border connections in schools still resonate. Digital citizenship as a concept and practice has evolved and expanded with schools looking at broader practices and implications for lifelong and life wide learning. What continues to be neglected, from my perspective and according to my research, is a school-wide approach to embedding online global collaboration into the curriculum.

In 2008 I stated: "I have a strong belief in the power of online connectivity and global collaboration (in all of it's many forms) at the school level to make a difference to the world we live in through fostering better understanding and cultural awareness. These are not just words. I have seen this happen through the projects I have run with my own classes."

Since completing my PhD research this vision has only strengthened, and now of course I am looking at outcomes for 2030!

What is your vision for teaching and learning? Through Flat Connections and other means I will continue to share strategies and best practice through design and implementation of online global projects and professional learning for schools, classrooms, educators....and all learners around the world. My ongoing vision is to support connected and collaborative online learning in K-12 and higher education.

Three new global projects will kick off in February 2020 that provide opportunities for learners in Grades 3-12 to connect, collaborate and co-create through conceptual understandings that share local to global perspectives.

New online professional learning courses are coming too! Watch this space for opportunities to learn more about the Global Collaborator Mindset, the Online Global Collaborative Learning Framework, and strategies and competencies to become a global educator.

Meanwhile -

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