Sunday, October 02, 2016

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

  • Julie Lindsay believes that, in today’s increasingly turbulent societies, it is vital that children experience other cultures and develop the skills that will help them in a connected world. These learners will be “better prepared to be productive and compassionate citizens in a global economy and they are able to improve their communication skills, collaborate effectively and be ready for multicultural workspaces,” she says. Empowering educators with the tools to foster this environment in the classroom is a critical part of the process. An insightful Q&A with @julielindsay on how to be a global educator.

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  • From Karen Stadler - The Travelling Rhinos - This book, titled ‘The Global Educator‘, was officially launched on 19 July 2016 and I am very proud to have my project featured in it (Case Study 3.8), alongside projects from a number of other global educators from all around the world. It is truly an honour!

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  • A new research report says it's time to 'join the dots' and scale up successful examples of flexible learning systems to meet the 21st Century education needs of all Australian school students.

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