Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The next Flat Classroom Conference is in Australia! Come on down!

 Important UPDATE November 19 - Due to technical reasons this conference is now called the Flat Connections Conference.

Finally I am able to bring the Flat Classroom Conference to Australia! YOU are invited!

Mark your calendars now for June 18-20, 2014 to be held at SHORE school in North Sydney.

The Flat Classroom Conference is an international event that joins learners of all ages (students and teachers and leaders from age 10 and above). It flattens the learning environment by providing an opportunity for team work and collaborative work across different learning areas. It is a process conference with set outcomes - students and teachers all produce products that can be used and implemented in the future.
Experienced global facilitators will guide learners through the design thinking process to research, pitch, rethink, design and present their team products and solutions. There will be time for up-skilling with technology tools, mobile computing is the norm, and a virtual audience as well as virtual team members will be welcome.

Details for the conference are being uploaded to the new Flat Connections website - Sydney 2014.
The theme for the conference is 'What's the other story', which will encourage participants to look beyond the stereotype as they plan global connections and collaborations for the future.

Don't forget! This conference is unique in the world - it brings students and teachers to the same challenge-based event to not only talk about flat and connected learning but to 'live' it as well through the use of emerging technologies and a conference format that allows teams to envisage solutions ot global problems.

Last night I was part of the ACCELN Hangout where we had the opportunity to talk about Flat Classroom and the forthcoming conference. You will enjoy this discussion!

REGISTRATION is open now for the Flat Classroom Conference Sydney, June 18-20 2014. We encourage you to register your interest NOW. Places are limited, do not miss out.

Inquiries can be sent to: conference@flatconnections.com

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