Monday, August 26, 2013

Go Global! Go Flat! Meet the Flat Classroom Information Session August 2013

Another year is starting in the northern hemisphere - is this the year that you take you and your students global? Find out how - start with an inspiring gathering this week. Learn from those who are out there doing it already!

Join Julie Lindsay, co-founder and Director of Flat Classroom along with experienced project managers and teachers for the 'Go Global! Go Flat! Meet the Flat Classroom' information session, August 29/30.

We have lots of news and updates to share about the award winning global projects for all levels of K-12. Mark your calendars now and plan to join in August 29/30.

Find out about how to flatten your learning and go global to support cultural understanding and global awareness as well as align with your curriculum standards. Also, find out about our live events for this year - including India and Australia! Hear from the teachers who have classes in the projects and how they embed global collaborative learning into the curriculum.

Check what time it is in your place of the world! Check meeting room details.

Access information about global projects, live events and teacher development on the Flat Classroom Project website.

Julie Lindsay, Director Flat Classroom

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Flat Classroom is a vital initiative - so important to promote global and cultural awareness in today's world. Go Julie Lindsay!