Sunday, August 07, 2011

Across My Desk (weekly)

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Anna | eLearnerEngaged said...

Hi Julie,
I just watched the ISTE 2011 Kickoff and what you talked about really hit home.
I think the kind of work you do requires so much patience; always looking towards the greater goal. I can see how the small changes to improve quality of education can be done incrementally, and it is keeping them up that is probably the biggest challenge. Maybe too many of us fail to see positive results soon enough to maintain the momentum, and we have to learn to persevere to affect that change.

Thank you for sharing!

Julie Lindsay said...

Thanks for reading my blog Anna, I appreciate your comments. Yes, it is good to realise how far you have come, and reflect on positive changes even if it does not feel as though a lot has been accomplished. I really enjoyed putting that presentation together as it allowed me to reflect on my life over the past few years.