Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Dr Ghadah - sharing e-Learning initiatives

In a recent letter to me, the manager of ictQatar, e-Education, Dr Ghadah Omar Fakieh wrote:
"I wanted to share with you that we are expanding our e-education website to provide more awareness and allow collaboration and exchange for experience with schools. since Qatar Academy is one of the schools in the country leading e-education. I thought that you might want to contribute."

Here is my response:

Dear Dr Ghadah,
Here are some resources I can share with you. As I look back over the past 2 years I am amazed at how much we have done and how far we have come. Apologies if this is a little disjointed as we have information in various places and formats.

1. Digital Learning and 1:1: Documentation of our journey leading to the 1:1 implementation next year. All information is now found on this wiki http://qalaptop.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/parent+meeting+June+8 including a 21-page booklet. I have also created additional wiki pages with the history and FAQs for the implementation, these sections are also found in the booklet.

2. You will find many resources attached to our E-Learning wiki at http://elearning.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/ In particular the Policies and Guidelines wiki with attached documents at http://elearning.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/E4L+Policies+and+Guidelines

3. Our 21st Century Learners initiative information, with documented meetings is here http://elearning.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/21C_Learners This was a community gathering to discuss what it means to be a teacher and a learner in the 21st Century. We had a number of special guests including Gary Stager and David Warlick, and culminated the year in a TEDxQA event http://tedxqa.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/

4. Flat Classroom Conference: Sponsored by HSBC, ictQATAR, Qatar Academy. Final report attached to Ning and wiki at http://flatclassroomconference.ning.com/ and http://flatclassroomconference.wikispaces.com/

5. Create the Future professional development 2-day workshop with consultant Kim Cofino, 21st Century Literacy Specialist with the International School Bangkok. Information found at http://professionaldevelopment.qataracademy.wikispaces.net/QASS+Feb09

6. Development of an online learning community for Qatar Academy educators and beyond, E-Learning for Life. We now have a number of local and international educators active on the Ning. http://elearning4life.ning.com/

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