Friday, March 06, 2009

Listen to the Students: No Future Left Behind

This one has already started to go viral! A simple idea Vicki Davis and I had a few months ago, to invite Peggy Sheehy to keynote the Horizon Project for 2009. We wanted to focus on the work Peggy is doing at Suffern Middle School in New York and to hear from the students themselves, in particular to hear younger students keynote to older students.

Here is the description of the video from the No Future Left Behind Ning page:
"When kids at the Suffern Middle School Tech Club were asked to talk about education and their future, they gave Peggy Sheehy, the SMS media specialist, an earful. Other students heard about the project and joined in. They brainstormed the script and started filming. Listen and learn the bits of wisdom that can be gleaned from the students, if we only dare to ask them.
Students from The Elisabeth Morrow School Tech Club contributed machinima created in Quest Atlantis.
Marianne Malmstrom (aka Knowclue) worked remotely with the students of Suffern to create machinima of their avatars.
Original music, "Harpsicord" was created by a former Suffern Middle School student, Larry Bordowitz.
All editing was done by Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom."

This keynote is for the NetGenEd Project, a collaboration with Don Tapscott, author of Grown Up Digital, Discovery Educators Network, and Flat Classroom projects. It can also be found on the NetGenEd project wiki. Please come and add your thoughts via a comment and join the discussion.

This is a MUST SEE video.

Fantastic work showing the power of a well-crafted storyboard, student-led initiatives, and allowing learning to happen when teachers get out of the way.

I am hoping very soon we will look back on these times where we are struggling with blocked websites and teacher-controlled learning to the detriment of student development and realise how true this video is, how we need to include and involve students and student voice in planning and creating the future.

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Anonymous said...

This was a fabulous idea to get Peggy and her wonderful students to conduct the keynote via such a powerful medium. My students watched it this morning and were so impressed. It caused quite an amount of discussion for some time afterwards, some went back to watch it 2 or 3 times. It has also set a high standard for them to work towards when they work on their videos.

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

I cried when I watched the video -- and then watched it again. And Again. Seven times when it first debuted -- it is so powerful and the greatest thing is that the KIDS wrote this. Sometime we need to interview Peggy in elluminate about the process. It is powerful to hear her say it.

Unfortunately, someone ripped the video and edited it and took OUT the citations at the end! I send a message to the person and hope they will add the citations back in!