Thursday, December 11, 2008

Connectivism Explained

When I watched this video I was reminded of a blog post of mine from August - Embracing Constructivism: Some Resources

Wes Fryer's blog post last week at Explaining Connectivist Learning Opportunities via Video shares the work of Wendy Drexler very succinctly. Quoting from Wes, "This Lee LeFever / Commoncraft Show style 5 minute video by Wendy Drexler paints a descriptive picture of how students can learn in a connectivist style, and the role of the teacher in this new learning landscape."

Here is the "Networked Student"
"The tools themselves as not as important as the connections made possible by them"

Wendy's blog: Teach Web 2.0
Wendy's wiki: Teach Web 2.0
Wendy's K12 Online 08 'Leading the Change presentation: Teaching Web 2.0 - Everything you need in one place

I want to say something profound....but the video says it all! Thanks Wendy!

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Thomas Sheppard said...

Thanks for posting the video. I think it does a great job explaining Connectivism. I plan to have a look at your posting for more info.