Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Power of the Collaborative: Students 2.0

I found this through a Twitter from Kristen Hokanson this afternoon. yes, I know ...I am supposed to be writing reports but, hey, Twitter was still open and......

Then I watched the video and explored the Students 2.0 website (in it's infancy)...and then I discoverd one of the leaders of this initiative is a Flat Classroom student from MICDS, Anthony C, who blogs at Two Penguins and a Typewriter, and who created the video called 'What Happens When the World Goes Online', for the Connecting the World Online topic, which has a quote from Friedman's The World is Flat spoken by me at the start...and then goes on to interview Pat Bassett from NAIS who talks about the Challenge 2020 program...I was just in Madrid 2 weeks ago at a presentation about this from a rep. from NAIS, maybe it was PAT.....I feel like I am going around in a circle here!

Video teaser for Students 2.0

Students 2.0 Launch Teaser from Sean on Vimeo.

So, a group of 'out there' students have got together and decided to blog and create multimedia and change the world. I am so looking forward to this! Kudos so far to you all.

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CB said...

Thanks for this, Julie :)

See this post for the full promotional blitz to get these people readership on the launch date. Save their site to to propel it to most popular page, etc.

Exciting days!

Arthus Erea said...

Thanks for the post. Looks like teachers really are ready to listen to students!