Friday, February 02, 2007

Are you a Next Generation Teacher?

I am very pleased to be part of a new international association of educators called 'NextGenTeachers'. This international group of educators has emerged to unite and share ideas and resources to do with developing 21st century learning using digital tools.
Our motto is:
"Educators connecting to explore the next generation of teaching and learning"

The NextGenTeachers planning group includes Chris Craft, Jeff Utecht, Tom Barrett, Justin Medved, Kim Cofino, Doug Belshaw and Aaron Smith. We come together from different parts of the globe including China, UK, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Our first podcast was recorded this week which featured the group members discussing who we are, why we are getting together and also some initial discussion and views about educational technology tools as well as 'Tech tips'.

The main aims of the group are:
  • to be inclusive
  • to have an international focus
  • to provide a forum for conversation about new approaches to teaching using technology
  • to provide access to online resources created for and by other educators
  • to utilize cutting edge technologies in collaboration and in the delivery and sharing of information

I invite readers of this blog to explore the NextGenTeachers blog and download our inaugural NextGenTeachers Podcast. I also invite you to participate in NextGenTeacher activities by subscribing via RSS to the blog.

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