Monday, July 20, 2020

Digital Learning and Teaching Links (weekly)

  • In April 2020, WISE launched the Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined virtual convening series in partnership with Salzburg Global Seminar on the impact of COVID-19 on global education. Interest in the series has far exceeded expectations, with events in April and June bringing together more than 3,000 participants from 98 countries, with thousands also participating via social media. The third and final online symposium will take place in September. To help capture the immense momentum these events have generated within the WISE global community, WISE will publish a special edition e-book, titled Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined: Thoughts and Responses from Education’s Frontline During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond. The book will be released in parts throughout July, August, and September 2020.

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  • The global pandemic has pushed educators around the world to a transformative moment for online learning. Since February 2020, an unprecedented number of teachers, students, and parents have become exposed to a new mode of teaching. Teachers did not have the luxury of options, as online education came towards them, shouting “Ready or not, here I come!” The transformation is deep and wide: All levels of teaching, from pre-k classes to doctoral programs, moved to the cloud. Every discipline, from physics to physical education, from chemistry to creative writing, has a chance to test their limits and potentials in the new modality of teaching.

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  • By Stephen Pinfield, Simon Wakeling, David Bawden, Lyn Robinson Investigates the theory-practice relationship in the domain of open access publication and dissemination of research outputs.

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  • Pat Thomson shares words of wisdom about why having a blog of your own is a scholarly and reflective practice.

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  • USQ-based panel discussing education and COVID-19 influences. Good example of the use of Voicethread for asynchronous discussion.

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  • George Veletsianos shares his insight into online learning and course design.

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  • This paper uses the community of inquiry model to describe the principles of collaboration. The principles describe social and cognitive presence issues associated with the three functions of teaching presence—design, facilitation and direction. Guidelines are discussed for each of the principles. Garrison, D. R. (2006a). Online collaboration principles. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 10(1) pp. 25-34.

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