Sunday, April 07, 2019

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

  • George Siemens says, "I've thought in networks since my earliest memories and moments of self-awareness. I recall being six or seven years old and trying to grasp the concept of eternity - a perpetually future-forward cascade without end. It was incredibly stress inducing, but served as early seeds for understanding the world, both in physical and conceptual form, as being about connections. "

    tags: connectivism education network

  • Debate has raged for more than a century about which pedagogical approach is better – direct instructional guidance or minimally guided, for example, inquiry-based instruction. Read more in the latest SCAN issue, March 2019

    tags: education research pedagogy inquiry

  • "Since the 1990’s educators have leveraged the power of the Internet to forge online global collaborative learning. More recently global competency and intercultural understanding in conjunction with cross-border collaboration and digital fluency have emerged as ‘future ready’ key capabilities. However, learning environments struggle to embed authentic real world learning and build capacity for global connection and collaboration. Julie shares new perspectives on developing a Global Collaborator Mindset and implementing Online Global Collaborative Learning (OGCL) as a pedagogical approach. "

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