Sunday, April 08, 2018

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

  • Is your online training content ready to go global? When developing online training material, it is important to plan ahead and create a realistic budget. It’s best to design the online training content in such a way that it’s easier to adopt localized versions. A little organization and research beforehand can go a long way and make online training globalization a much smoother process. Let’s take a closer look at the following 6 steps to globalizing online training content.

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  • Welcome to All Aboard! Are you keen to improve your digital knowledge, skills or confidence? If so, we’d love to help. All Aboard is a national project that aims to empower learners, teachers, and anyone who uses technology to support their work, their study, or other aspects of living in a digital age. We have: developed a simple, fun (we hope!) way of thinking about digital skills (in the form of a Metro Map) produced and shared lessons and learning materials that anyone can access online promoted the use of ‘digital badges’ across a range of applications including, of course, digital skills worked in partnership with many organisations and groups, including supporting student engagement projects championed a focus on confidence, empowerment, identity, and wellbeing. Interested? Then read on and start your digital journey!

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  • How do you develop a cost-effective quality learning model for the 21st Century for disadvantaged children in small rural schools scattered across Colombia? Beginning in the 1970s, Vicky Colbert rose to the challenge. She focused on building an innovative education model in which key strategies were cooperative learning and cross-peer tutoring. Colbert and her team at Fundacion Escuela Nueva essentially pulled off a paradigm shift, moving their schools from a teacher-centered education to a student-centered learning model that integrates curriculum and teacher professional development and engages local communities in the education journey of their students.

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  • “Retrieval practice” is a learning strategy where we focus on getting information out. Through the act of retrieval, or calling information to mind, our memory for that information is strengthened and forgetting is less likely to occur. Retrieval practice is a powerful tool for improving learning without more technology, money, or class time. Download the FREE retrieval practice guide

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  • New to blogging and image use online? Read this short article to develop skills key to knowledge work online

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