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Case Study 4.7: Global Learning and Teacher Education - Leigh Zeitz

The Global Educator - Case Study 4.7

Integrating the Global Learning Experience into Teacher Education

Dr Leigh Zeitz

Preamble......I will never forget that in 2011 Leigh brought a group of Masters degree students (practicing educators) from the USA to China to participate in the Flat Classroom Conference I designed and organised that was hosted at my international school. This opened eyes and broadened horizons - a life-changing event. We need more teacher educators to be working on the edge like Leigh!

Leigh has been in teacher education for over 25 years. His case study is full of exciting learning experiences for his students that involve connections with external peers, students and practicing teachers from across the globe. It seems Leigh crafts these opportunities for his students through being connected with other globally minded educators, and he is certainly not lacking in imagination.

When I contacted Leigh recently he shared that "He began connecting his student with other learners around the world in 1984 when he was a classroom teacher in southern California." So even back then, before the Internet came along to expand connectivity and digital possibilities for collaboration, Leigh was purposefully designing learning beyond the classroom walls.

Leigh was the ISTE President for the Global Collaboration Network in 2016-17 and continues to work tirelessly for organisations like ISTE to connect learners.

When you read the full case study you will find Leigh shares in detail four experiences his students had in working with other students around the world. These are:
  • Bringing experts into the classroom
  • Working as experts for students who are working together
  • Working with peers in other graduate programs
  • Visiting educators in other countries

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In Leigh's words....

This is the 16th post in what is a regular series featuring the 36 case studies from my book, 'The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching'. This book was published by the International Society for Technology in Education in July 2016. The book contains contributions from over 100 educators and case studies featuring over 50 educators.

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