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Case Study 4.6: Leadership for Global Learning - Judy O'Connell

The Global Educator - Case Study 4.6

Leadership for Global Learning: A Reflection on Higher Education Experiences in Australia

Judy O'Connell


Judy, currently a Senior Lecturer at Charles Sturt University, is an astute and passionate educator. She was my catalyst into working at the higher education level and continues to be a role model for best practices in education, especially when using online technologies. In this case study Judy shares her journey from High School English teacher, to be a leader in school libraries, and now a leader in the tertiary sector. In this case study her understanding about knowledge and information in a digital society is shared in relation to being a global connected educator. Judy also comments on teacher education in Australia with special mention of the new Masters degree she launched at CSU - Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) which, in her words "aims to develop agile leaders in new cultures of digital formal and informal learning".

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In Judy's words....

As an update Judy is completing her EdD at LaTrobe University and continues to push boundaries for learning with peers and students. One of her favourite sites is Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017.

In the past year she created the CSU '23 Things for Digital Knowledge', an open source tool that anyone can access and learn at their own pace. 

A recent article by Judy published online in the New South Wales educational research magazine SCAN:
O’Connell, J. (2017). Mastering the art of digital scholarship: from mind to mind. Scan, 35(4), pp. 39-45.

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