Friday, October 13, 2017

Case Study 4.4: The K12 Online Conference - Peggy George and Wesley Fryer

The Global Educator - Case Study 4.4

The K-12 Online Conference

What I love about the K-12 Online Conference is that is another wonderful FREE resource for educators. It is also organised by passionate and hard-working volunteers like Susan Van Gelder, Karen Fasimpaur, Peggy George and Wes Fryer....and others!

What I also love about this conference is the dedication to providing archives from when it started in 2006, including the very first keynote by David Warlick. Take a look at the names on the 2006 program - quite a reputable cast of forward-thinking eduators - most of whom continue to push boundaries, share new ideas and lead change at all levels of education.

What I have always admired with the K-12 Online Conference is the thematic approach and related strands each time it is run. In the past it has run as a 3-week event, and more recently a new approach saw themes, presentations and live events runover a number of months. In the case study (download link below) both Wes and Peggy agree this conference has been the most powerful catalyst for learning about blended learning and Web 2.0 technologies and pedagogies.

In the words of Peggy George....

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I encourage you to explore all of the resources and archives on the K-12 Online Conference website. Get involved where you can.


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