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Case Study 2.8: National, International Global Educator - Alan Preis

The Global Educator - Case Study 2.8

The National, International Global Educator

Alan Preis

Alan Preis is currently the Director of Technology at Shanghai American School (SAS). For many years before that he held a similar position at Atlanta International School in the USA and very active with the European Council of Independent Schools (ECIS) organisation IT committee. Since venturing into an 'international' education position Alan has thrived on immersing himself culturally into life in China. When I was in China in 2016 I visited Alan at SAS and was most impressed with his developing command of Mandarin language. 

In the Case Study Alan talks about how he sees 'international educator' synonymous with 'global educator' with both being about a worldwide view of education and shares, 
While “international” speaks to the understanding of different cultures, “global” evokes the idea of seeing these different cultures as part of a connected whole and of forging connections between them.
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Note: The case study shares that Alan completed the ECIS International Teacher Certificate in 2011. The link shared for this seems to be dead now and I am wondering what has become of this certificate course. 

In Alan's words..... 

Next week I am heading to Shanghai and SAS to be a Learning2 Leader at the Learning 2 Conference (Nov. 2-4) and look forward to catching up with Alan and many other international/global colleagues as well. SAS certainly has an impressive program and is one of the more established and forward thinking international schools in the region.

This is the 14th post in what is a regular series featuring the 36 case studies from my book, 'The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching'. This book was published by the International Society for Technology in Education in July 2016. The book contains contributions from over 100 educators and case studies featuring over 50 educators.

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